About Us

Onavis is a maritime marketplace that brings marine buyers and sellers together so that they can buy and sell a variety of ships.

On our online platform, we use our listings to bring buyers and sellers in contact with each other, no matter what corner of the world they are in. As one of the most trusted online trading maritime marketplaces, we offer a large assortment of useful resources to our buyers and sellers.

Anyone across the globe who is looking to buy or sell a maritime vessel, ship, boat, yacht or any other type of sea vessel can find a buyer or seller on Onavis.

What once started as a simple idea is today at its tipping point to be one of the leading maritime marketplaces where a large number of people come to take advantage of hundreds of deals.

If you want the best deal online for maritime vessels, become a part of our online platform and trade globally with the best buyers and sellers.

Our Proposition

What we offer to the world is simple to explain.

Whether you have a passion for sailing or if you want to join the sea trade business, you can find all the right ships on our website. The suppliers on our platform get a chance to reach more customers worldwide and serve them better.

The buyers get to save money on their purchasing process while saving a lot of time. For everyone who comes to our platforms we strive to create a win-win situation so that they can leave with a great deal.

Regardless of what price you’re looking to buy or sell a ship, we will help you find just the right one.


What Makes Onavis the Best Place for Buyers?

If you have come to our site to purchase a ship, a yacht or even a submarine, here is why our online platform is the best maritime marketplace for you:

  • We help you get in touch with the best quality suppliers from all over the world, enabling you to get the best prices for your required merchandise.

  • We make the buying process extremely easy, saving you a lot of time in places where there are great chances of getting stuck in the purchasing process.

  • We do operate as a neutral platform that acts in the interest of both buyers and sellers so you can trust our resources without any doubt of biasness.

We provide assistance in all sectors of the shipping industry including maritime real estate, tourism, staffing, cruises and charter to essentially anyone who is responsible for making the particular purchase of a vessel, equipment or provision. 


What Makes Onavis the Best Place for Sellers?

If you are a supplier or seller who is looking to sell maritime merchandise, we offer you the perfect platform to build your business. Here are some reasons why you should become a part of Onavis today:

  • Through our platform, you get a chance to develop and build your brand by creating awareness for it in the global market.

  • You can get in touch with active buyers on our site who are actively looking for a deal, so you can win new business.

  • We help you communicate with buyers in an efficient manner so that the response time is kept at minimum, and you can serve customers more effectively and efficiently.

  • For individual sellers who want to sell something of their own in a short amount of time, we help them meet active buyers who are looking for a quick purchase also while providing them both a credible platform.